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Maroon Mowing is a family-owned lawn service at lawn care college station. We are a lawn care service based on customer relationships and consistency in the quality of our lawn care services. We have a team of professional and experienced individuals who know how to handle your lawn well and how well you can communicate. We work with the goal of getting your 100% satisfaction for long-term business relationships.

We listen quickly and respond quickly to customer requests. Creating and maintaining a functional lawn care offering a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere that will enhance the value of the property. College Station Lawn Care provides qualified professionals through qualified professionals with superior products and materials and provides a lawn service that meets the expectations of the customer.

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We know that your time in today’s time is very valuable. That’s why the grass company College Station Landscapes has developed a system that is more convenient than any of our competitors, while maintaining a very high standard of quality and reliability. Our service is different from someone else. No long contracts, no fuel surcharges and troublesome provisions. No holes or hidden costs.

We offer a free service contract that can be set by phone within 15 minutes. This means that every time Landscapes College Station maintains your property, we need to repeat your business. You are the judge, if you are not completely satisfied with our work then you can look elsewhere elsewhere without having a contract. However, you do not have to do this.


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Your home sidewalk increases the beauty of the gardens and lawns it can have a great impact on your business or property. Preserve the green and healthy gardens and Landscapes College Station by our professional skills and experience, we fully meet your warm and dry years with your needs. On the other hand, Maroon Mowing also has a thorough knowledge of the possible attacks of various insects and mold problems, and we will solve them too.

Lawn Care College Station uses a variety of approaches to healthy lawns and combat weeds, pests and mold problems. Several pest control options used in the therapy program are precisely controlled IPM cultural control and mowing the lawn chemical. Cultural practices are fighting because they lead to a healthier and more resistant lawn. These practices may limit the use of certified seed or lawns to introduce weeds in the lawn he has just created. They can also accumulate appropriate herbs at the right height, improve nutritional deficiencies, and practice proper irrigation techniques.

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  • The chemical control of grass pests with conventional synthetic pesticides is also an important part of Lawn Care College Station. It is important to choose the right pesticide for target pests (including weeds), pesticides only when necessary, and also other pesticides, pests that are less susceptible to the use of chemicals.
  • Fertilizer is important for vigorous growth and healthy plant development. Because many of the nutrients needed for grass turf are naturally found in soil, fertilization targets the provision of three primary nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is the only nutrient you need on a lawn on a regular basis. Can be added lawn occasionally by deficiency of iron and iron fertilizers. Nitrogen is used, it increases both root and shoot growth.
  • Weeds are the main problem of pests in peat zones. They are aggressive competitors for sunlight, moisture and nutrients and productive multipliers even in unfavorable conditions. Weeds trigger even the most experienced mowers. Landscapes College Station treated the weeds during the season before and after the east, the herbicides coincided with our fertilization.
  • Typically mold problems are reactive because they are noticed once and not preventive pesticides. Some of the most common are the necrotic place in the ring, snow mold and melt. We deal with them very consciously so that you can have your best lawn forever. However, most can be effectively prevented by cultural methods, such as correct watering practices and cut to the right height.

Grass insects are usually undetectable when they damage the lawn. Many of the damage caused by these insects is irreversible without planting new grass, so preventive treatments are a prudent option for high visibility areas when grass damage is not accepted by insects.

Lawn aerating is a process of removing small lawns from the lawn. Aeration reduces the soil compaction and promotes the growth of the roots of healthier grass. One of them is to maintain or improve the simplest and most important ways to protect your lawn. There are many factors that play a role in maintaining healthy and beautiful Landscapes College Station. We will help you to answer all your questions and provide practical solutions for all your landscaping needs.

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We are quality lawn care and landscape company and reliable service for homeowners and business services. College Station Lawn Care have lawn care for our company and gardening has grown in recent years, ensuring our dear customers with quality work and reliability. When it comes to keeping the moisture around the lawn warmer while fixing brown mowing you are here to help you get the best for your lawn healthy.

We have discovered that cutting often in combination with water depth and spring fertilization will be the result of better preparation, less effort and less effort to pay. Dressing is a practice used to fall and fall. Stains fill the lawn, which can occur for several reasons. This may include abrasion, soil sedimentation, uneven peat thickness, poorly prepared substrate to name a few. Waves on the lawn are not only unattractive, but also problems with cuts such as dandruff and uneven growth, which adversely affects the condition of the lawn. So Lawn Care College Station would be your best choice ever to make your lawn healthier and beautiful.


You need to have uneven grass just before the growing season, especially to restore early spring to carry; Not when the grass plants at his latent stage or completely risk injury or even kill the grass. Professional methods of Lawn Care In College Station can be applied at any time. This is not the first dress of the year, regardless of what is often thought, because it will only accelerate the accumulation of straw. Recebo/ uneven grass avoid when the rain is expected to treat difficult rain dressing and make it difficult to level.

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Watering too much to your lawn means you are losing money and valuable natural resources, but if you do not make enough water, your lawn may be dry and brown. So Lawn Care College Station is here to help you with experienced team and professionals that How to maintain a green and lush lawn, even during the long and hot days of summer.

The best time to water the lawn is when the grass begins to show signs of stress. A stressed lawn will have a slightly faded appearance with a blue-green hue rather than the usual emerald green color. If you cut tracks or lawn tracks on the grass 30 minutes after mowing or walking to stay, the lawn was emphasized. College Station Lawn Care can test soil moisture by a screwdriver, paddle or similar object on the grass. If the floor is so strong that the screwdriver does not slide easily on the floor it is too dry.


Always check that the lawn needs water by testing the soil for irrigation; Hot and dry weather could lead to grass stressed look, even when the ground is still wet. If the grass looks stressed and the soil is still damp, spray the lawn with water for no more than 15 seconds. This rapid burst of water is not considered as irrigation, as it does not wet the soil; Which provides enough moisture to cool the grass and relieve stress. Let Lawn Care College Station inform you that how to choose a lawn It may be difficult to know the amount of water to the lawn, since the amount depends on several factors, including the type of grass, use the weather, soil and water.

Lawn maintenance and Landscapes College Station TX are more than just mowing, thatching and aerating. All plants benefit from basic macro, and micro nutrients. Grass, in particular, needs extra macro-nutrients which can come from air and water but which are used in such quantity that supplemental applications are beneficial. So we are here to make your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthier as per your demands.