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Every residence is an aspect of pleasure and calmness. Happiness and calmness are very indispensible to unfillet a hectic life. You should make your residence so impressive and attractive that everyone likes to come here again and again. The decoration of your home is the reflection of your choice and taste. Lawn is a very important part of your home. It should be decorated as beautiful as your home is decorated beautiful. Because, every person who enters in your home looks your lawn first. So, it should be well maintained. If your lawn is maintained well, everyone will praise you and your lawn. Sometimes, you want to forget all your worries and want to spend some quality time. Then your lawn is a very useful place to forget your worries. In some families, it’s a common practice to sit in the lawn at the time of afternoon. They do gossip and take some tea. It’s the most precious time you spend with your family. If your lawn is beautifully decorated, it has a good impact on your mood. You can think in a better and finer way.

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Maroon Mowing is providing such facilities which make your lawn more beautiful. This company uses high quality tools and equipment’s for lawn services. These services include mowing, edging, trimming, blowing debris, shrub maintenance, mulch installation, tree trimming and flower bed installation etc. Your lawn needs regular mowing services. Mowing services by this company will make your lawn new. Edging is very important to save your plants and these will grow with sharp qualities. Landscaping is very useful hobby to spend your time beautifully. But in this fast age of life, no one has time for landscaping. Maroon Mowing is providing you reliable services of landscaping. Trimming of plants and trees is very important. It helps these plants in fast and healthy growing. This brand provides you the facility of tree trimming. In autumn season and due to sharp and stormy winds, the leaves of the plants fall down. And, it is necessary to clean these leaves piles and debris as soon as possible. This brand provides you the cleanup services at an affordable price. Shrub maintenance and flower bed maintenance are very important. For these maintenance, you only have to call us and our team will be there to solve all your problems. Our team is very professional. They will provide you all services just according to your wish and need. You will be surely satisfied.

Stay Blessed, Stay Healthy!


13 Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Discover the basics of mowing and why it’s so vital to growing a healthy lawn.

10 good lawn mowing tips


Mow, mow, mow your lawn…

Last year the Maroon Mowing spent over £127 million on maroonmowing.comFor many of us mowing the lawn is a genuine pleasure away from the computer and telephone, blissfully losing track of time and providing peace and quiet out of the house.

Whilst professionals of mowing lawn services provider on golf courses and sports pitches are often able to mow almost every day to keep their hallowed ground in tip top condition, this is pretty unrealistic in a domestic environment. Leading independent mowing maintenance company Maroon Mowing recommend carrying out a mowing regime of at least once a week which will compliment all the other things done to the turf.

The most important thing you can do is mow regularly with the correct type of mower.


Lawntech’s top 10 tips for mowing your lawn are:

  1. Choose a cheap lawn mowing which is right size for your lawn – this will make mowing a delight rather than a struggle. A good guide is to compare your lawn to the size of a tennis court – a full-size tennis court would be a medium sized garden, half or less would be a small garden.
  2. Before you set your heart set on a new mower, make sure you know what kind is best for your particular lawn. If you want stripes look for a mower with a roller drive, a fine lawn would benefit from a cylinder mower or if you want a good all-rounder go for a rotary mower.
  3. If you have physical or time constraints, don’t discount a robotic mower such as the Robomow. Once the butt of tech jokes, robotic mowers have evolved over the past 20 years and are a reliable and cost effective way of mowing lawn maintenance.
  4. Never cut more than a third of the height off the grass to avoid stressing it.
  5. Occasionally change the direction in which you mow to prevent the grass lying flat.
  6. Keep your rotary mower blade sharp as lawns are easily damaged by a blunt blade – it’s a good idea to have a spare blade to hand so it can be changed mid-season.
  7. Keep your cylinder mower well adjusted. A good way to ensure your mower is cutting true is to slide a piece of paper between the cylinder and the bottom blade. If the paper tears rather than cutting cleanly it needs adjustment.
  8. Try to avoid slipping off the edge of your lawn around flower beds as this will cause scalping. Scalping can encourage weed growth and reduce the amount of energy the roots receive.
  9. Always collect your clippings for best results unless you have a very informal lawn. Another plus of using a Robomow is that they don’t leave noticeable clippings, and let’s face it, collecting clippings isn’t a fun job…
  10. Keep mowing lawn care late into the season when the grass is still growing. Often lawns get too long during the late autumn/winter, so give your lawn a winter topping when conditions allow.

So no matter the size, shape or condition of your lawn give it the care it deserves by mowing on a regular basis.

If you struggle to find the time and effort to mow frequently and the Robomow has the techie in you tingling, go to where you can find the very latest selection in robotic mowers.

8 lawn mowing tips: Keep your lawn clean and green

Cutting grass is an art. Proper mowing lawn services increases the density of the lawn, which in turn decreases weeds. Usually it’s the best practice to rely on lawn mowing company for grass cutting services but you can also give it a try for fun and a good workout.

Here are 8 useful tips for mowing your lawn and keeping your turf healthy:

Dry grass – Mow your grass on a day when the weather and grass are dry. It makes the cutting easy and quick.

Well maintained mower – Make sure the blades of your mower are sharp and balanced. This will allow you to avoid uneven results, including random patches of high grass during cheap lawn mowing.

Weeding – Start with pulling out the weeds first. It keeps your grass healthy.

Mow first – Most lawn care companies recommend that it’s a good practice to mow first, then trim the grass. Although you can do it the other way around, this way you reduce time spent on trimming. Make sure to pick up any sticks and rocks that may have fallen in your yard. This avoids damaging the blades of the mower as well as a possible aerial attack on cars, houses or innocent bystanders.

Mulching is good – Leave the trimmed and dry grass in the Lawn Care College Station. This helps the nutrients and nitrogen to get absorbed in the ground. Use a mulching mower for this.

Avoid scalping – Never cut the grass too short. Landscaping companies advise to cut cool-season grasses to 2½ to 3½ inches and  warm-season grass to 1 to 3 inches. But avoid removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time.

Change mowing pattern regularly – As the grass grows, it tends to lean in the direction you mow. Alternate the pattern every time, so it grows straighter and healthier.

Mowing new grass – Newly-seeded grass needs 3 to 4 weeks to get established before you mow it for the first time. The grass blades are tender and can be easily damaged, especially if the soil is moist. Mow when the new grass is 3/4 inch to 1 inch taller than its recommended regular mowing height.

Regular fertilizing – It’s a good practice to fertilize the grass after mowing. Every turf grass has its own fertilizing time which varies from 3 to 5 weeks. You can coincide the mowing and fertilizing day accordingly.

Hope these tips will help you keep your lawn green and clean. It’s always good to be involved with your garden and take care of your plants. They bloom when you interact and care for them. Mowing your land is a good way to inspect your lawn and keep it beautiful.

Happy Mowing!

Maroon Mowing is a one time lawn service family owned landscaping company. We are fully insured and licensed. We offer reliable, quality, lawn care and landscaping services, at an affordable price. Our Clients are typically homeowners and business owners who outsource all of their maintenance to our one-stop process. Using high-quality equipment and tools, recurring service and satisfaction is our specialty. There is no job too big, small, rough or steep for our skilled

Do You Need to Lime the Lawn

Like most things in nature, the soil supporting your lawn (technically called turfgrass) must be in balance. In this case, the balance is a measure of pH or acidity. If your soil is too low on the pH scale, adding lime can help restore the balance and promote a healthier lawn. A quick understanding of the basics of pH, how to test your soil and when and how to apply lime are all you need to get started.

Why Use Lime?

Adding lime is the most common method of changing pH of the soil. Soil pH is a measure of a soil alkalinity or acidity. A pH of 7.0 is neutral. Anything below 7.0 is acidic, and anything above is alkaline. Most turf grasses grow best with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. If a soil tests lower than 5.5, it likely will benefit from added lime.

Soils can be naturally acidic but can also be acidified over time by natural leaching, the use of some nitrogen fertilizers, excessive rainfall or irrigation, and acidic water sources. Low pH affects microbial activity in soil, making nutrients less available to grass and other plants. As a result, turf declines. Common symptoms of low pH include loss of color, reduced vigor and diminished ability to recover from heat and drought stress.

Types of Lime

The lime you apply to a lawn is limestone or chalk. The main component is calcium carbonate. There are several types of lime, and a good soil test should tell you which type of lime you need.

Lime with a high calcium content is referred to as calcitic lime and has the benefit of adding calcium to the soil. Some limestone contains a significant amount of magnesium and is referred to as dolomitic lime. Dolomitic lime adds magnesium to the soil and could be used if soil tests indicate a magnesium deficiency.

Most types of lime can be applied with a standard lawn spreader.

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How to Test Your Soil

You can buy DIY soil test kits at garden centers and hardware stores. A good kit costs about $15 to $20 and tests for pH as well as nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. The accuracy of the results is difficult to predict, and the information may not tell you how much lime your lawn needs. For the same amount of money (and a little more time, perhaps 2 to 3 weeks), you can have your soil tested at a local extension service. Most university extensions test soil for about $10 to $20 and usually offer a much more detailed analysis of your soil’s composition and pH level.

Follow the extension’s instructions for gathering the soil sample. It’s usually best to gather multiple samples from each large lawn area and mix the samples for each area together before bagging it for testing. Be sure to let the tester know that you want to learn about liming your lawn Care. They will likely perform an SMP buffer test on your sample(s) to indicate how much lime to add.

When to Apply Lime

Lime can be applied to a lawn any time of year that soil isn’t frozen, but it is typically done during spring or fall. It’s best to apply lime after aerating the Lawn Care Columbia.

This aids absorption and allows some of the lime to reach deeper into the soil.


6 Steps to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

You’ve spent all summer mowing your lawn and enjoying how luscious and green it looks. It was the perfect setting for outdoor barbecues, birthday parties, camp-outs for the kids, and other gatherings. Now the weather is cold and you want to protect your lawn so it will be just as nice when warm weather comes knocking again.

Sure you could just leave it be, but Lawn Care College Station have some tips that can help prepare your lawn for winter, so that it is ready to fill out strong and green when the cold and snow begin to clear.

Know When to Mow

This one is important. Even in summer months you want to be sure not to more your lawn too often or too short! We’ve seen so many lawns scorched from low mowing that we can’t count anymore.

In the fall, you should mow your grass every 10 to 14 days until all of the leaves have fallen. This will make sure leaves don’t smother the lawn and keep it at a healthy length to prepare for winter. Check the minimum recommended length for the type of grass you have, but a good general length to prepare the grass for winter is 1.5 inches for warm climates and 0.75 inches for cool climates.

Leaving the grass at a recommended length like this for the winter lets the grass protect itself and helps reduce fungus growth when it snows. It also helps delay cutting until warmer weather comes along.

Don’t Forget the Fertilizer

You may want to add a natural fertilizer so you can contact to the Maroon Mowing for lawn care pricing to help ensure it will be green and lush next season.

If you didn’t do this at the end of summer, go ahead and do it before winter comes. Be sure you are using a good organic fertilizer with 0% phosphates.

Reduce or Stop Irrigation

Now that the weather is cooler, you don’t need to water your grass as much, if at all. If you are in a warmer climate, you can simply reduce how often and how long your sprinklers run.

If you are in a cooler climate, go ahead and stop your sprinklers altogether. You don’t want the water to run and then freeze overnight, and it will help you save water. Win win.

Maintain Your Compost

Fall is a great time to build up your compost pile to have it ready for next spring. While you are cleaning up your yard before winter comes be sure to add some of the “brown” that your compost needs. For example, gather some leaves and add them to your compost pile. The leaves will prevent the pile from getting too wet and add a little insulation to the compost as well. Be sure to leave some to chop up with the mower as well.

Prevent Mosquitoes

This is one people often forget about when doing landscape mowing for winter.

Walk around your property and make sure you don’t have anything that collects stagnant water. Mosquitos breed when the temperature is around 50 degrees, so if you provide them places to breed in the cooler weather, you can expect to get bit when the warmer months come back.

Any sources of still water are a problem, since mosquitoes can use something as small as a bottle cap to lay eggs. Check your flowerbeds, garden pots and rainwater barrels and replace water in your birdbath daily to prevent breeding.

You will thank yourself for this extra step when you are enjoying warm nights out the following summer without all of the bites!

Be Careful in the Winter

If it snows, leave it on the grass. Some people plow around sidewalks and driveways in the grass, and this is a big mistake because snow actually protects your lawn – sort of like insulation from the crisp, bitter winter air. Plowing the snow on the grass will cause those patches of grass to not grow as well, making your lawn look patchy in the spring.

Taking care of your Lawn Maintenance Texas is about more than making it pretty. These tips will help ensure a healthier lawn that can better care for itself with less work on your part. These tips can certainly help you get your lawn ready to survive the winter so you can enjoy it when summer comes around again.

How to Store Your Lawn Mower for the Cold Season

Gas-powered lawn mowers and trimmers take their share of abuse during the warm months, so some care at the end of the season—or at the start of spring—is vital to keeping their parts in good working condition. Replacing the oil, spark plugs, and air filters on mowers and applying a bit of elbow grease to grimy recesses, preferably before storing them for the winter, will ensure that they rev up with a pull of the cord next year.

1- Empty the gas tank

Unused gas left in a mower over the winter can get stale, gumming up the carburetor and inviting rust. First, add fuel stabilizer to the tank, then run the mower to distribute it through the system. Turn the mower off and allow the engine to cool, then siphon excess gas into a clean can. (You can put this gas in your car, provided it hasn’t been mixed with oil.) Restart the mower and run it until it stops; repeat until the engine no longer starts and the fuel lines are empty.

2- Remove the spark plug

Before continuing with the remaining Lawn Care Pricing maintenance steps, it’s very important that you disconnect the spark plug to prevent the mower from kick-starting accidentally, which could lead to serious injury.

lawn care pricing

3- Remove the blade

To make it easier to change the oil and clean the underside of the mower, first detach the blade by unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place. Be sure to wear thick gloves when handling the blade. While the blade is off, take advantage of the opportunity to sharpen it

4- Drain the oil

According to the Lawn Care College Station team If the mower has a 4-cycle engine, you’ll need to change the oil. (Some mowers and most trimmers have 2-cycle engines, in which the oil is mixed with the gas.) Have a pan ready, and place a tarp under the mower to catch any oil that might spatter. Set the mower on its side with the air filter and carburetor facing up, so oil and residual gas don’t spill into them. Remove the oil reservoir plug and slowly tilt the mower until the oil begins to drain into the pan. Replace the plug when all the oil has drained.

5- Clean the undercarriage

Use a putty knife and wire brush to scrape off the grass and mud caked on the mower deck landscape mowing. This prevents rust, clears the passageway to the discharge chute, and allows the aerodynamics of the deck to work as designed. With the deck cleaned, reattach the sharpened blade. Once you’ve finished and can turn the mower upright, fill the oil tank with fresh SAE 30 or 30-weight oil, and recycle the used oil at a service station. Don’t use a thicker oil, such as 10W-40.

Change the air filter

A dirty air filter keeps the engine from burning gas efficiently by restricting the air needed for combustion. If your mower has a paper filter, mowing lawn maintenance will suggest you to replace it with a new one, paper edges facing out. If it’s an oil-soaked sponge filter, remove it, wash it out with soap and water, allow it to dry completely, and then add a bit of clean oil to it before putting it back. Clear the cooling fins of dirt and debris using a screwdriver or popsicle stick.

Replace the spark plug

Remove and replace the spark plug, using a socket wrench with a spark-plug socket, which has a neoprene lining to protect the plug’s porcelain casing. Even if the old spark plug is in good shape, for a couple of dollars a new one will perform better and ensure a smooth start come spring.

5 Landscape and Lawn Care Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018

Heading into the new year is always a great time to take stock of where you are and where you want to be. If you’re a homeowner or commercial property manager, one aspect of your life you’re likely to consider is how your property looks and whether or not that matches the image you want people to see.

If that strikes a chord with you, you’ll want to take just a few moments to learn about the following lawn care and landscaping trends that are going to be popular in 2018. Maybe there’s an idea or two in this list that can inspire your next outdoor project!

1. Meditation gardens

What used to be a practice exclusive to the far east is now routinely recommended by the local Lawn Care Pricing: meditation as a form of stress relief and relaxation. With studies proving the power of meditation to reduce stress, improve mood, and promote general well being, it’s no wonder millions of homeowners are looking into turning a portion of their property into a permanent retreat where they can go to practice mindfulness.

These beautiful oases from the hubbub of modern life can be as simple as a small fenced area with Fertilization and a water element, or as complex and otherworldly as your imagination can conceive. The only rules are: no electronics, and use your indoor voice.

2. Extending the inside out

Many homeowners are seeking a more seamless transition from their inner to their outer sanctuaries, and builders or Flowers College Station professionals re delivering the goods with indoor/outdoor flooring that looks and functions equally well in both locations.

Various types of natural stone, tile, and concrete can work well for these kinds of transitional spaces. Combined with French doors and a well-designed patio or deck area, these simple, functional flooring choices can greatly expand the look and feel of your living space.

3. More color and more variety

While minimalism and simplicity have been trendy for years now — and they certainly still have their place — many homeowners and property managers alike are enjoying the vibrant beauty of a lush landscape bursting with a variety of trees, bushes, and flowering shrubs.

The key, in most cases, is wise selection of plants based on the level of maintenance you’re willing and able to provide. If you can’t commit to a significant weekly workload, your best bet is to identify the lowest maintenance plants that thrive best in your region and fill empty spaces with plenty of those. Of course, hiring a Flowers College Station TX service can open up your options, so don’t give up on higher-maintenance plants right off the bat.

4. Fountains and waterfalls

While water elements like waterfalls and fountains have been a beloved addition to outdoor spaces for centuries, they’ve become especially popular on the commercial side in recent years. This trend is likely to continue through 2018.

The real value of fountains in retail spaces or outside your commercial building’s entrance is the effect they can have on customers and employees alike: running water just naturally relaxes the body and soothes the mind. It also provides a comfortable source of low key white noise that can drown out harsher sounds like traffic or the crying of cranky toddlers who don’t want to be out shopping anymore. Lawn Maintenance Texas.

Combined with judiciously chosen greenery and well-maintained walkways, a water element can do wonders for the look and feel of your commercial property.

5. A well-manicured lawn

A classic that never goes out of style. It doesn’t matter if your property is huge or tiny, if the lawn is artfully cared for, or just fills the space between the road and your door… if it’s neat, clean, and green, then it’s guaranteed to be a trendy landscaping in 2018 and beyond.


One of the most frustrating parts of winter is the need to shovel snow you can get it best by lawn mowing company. You might just want to wait until springtime and just let it all melt. However, the effort must be given.

If you’re tired of wasting time and effort on removing snow every winter, it’s time to use these snow removal tips for your home to get the job done easier, more effectively, and better than ever before.

Top Snow Removal Tips:


In College Station, we’re pretty used to the snowfall. So, when lawn maintenance service suggest putting large stakes around your driveway and other walkways, you should use that advice. It’s helpful whether you hire a snowplow company, shovel yourself or use a snow blower. While you may think you’ll know exactly where your driveway is, it’s not as easy to locate with a couple of feet of snow.


Shoveling snow during the winter is annoying as it is. If you don’t have a quality shovel to work with, you’re just making it harder on yourself and your back. While it might be tempting to buy a cheap shovel when you’re making your decision, it’s wiser to not be a penny-pincher. Spend more money on a heavy plastic or aluminum blade shovel that will get the job done easier.

Also, be mindful that large shovels aren’t always the best. Large shovels can cause back pain and arm stiffness. If you’re looking to find a shovel for heavy snowfalls, you should buy a s-blade shovel. C-blade shovels are better for lighter snowfalls.


This is a mistake that a lot of homeowners simply don’t consider when they’re removing snow. Whether they’re removing snow from a roof, from a deck, or from the driveway, you should avoid piling snow next to the side of your house. This will only lead to issues such as frozen pipes and even potentially cause cracks in your home’s foundation. To avoid the serious damages you should contact to your local Lawn Care College Station.


Shoveling snow can be a grueling activity, especially as you get older. If you don’t plan to hire a snow removal service, then it’s best that you follow these safety tips.

  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs.
  • Keep the blade close to you as you lift the snow.
  • Switch between shoveling left-handed and right-handed to avoid overstraining one side of the body.
  • Periodically switch your grip between overhand and underhand.
  • When the snowfall is heavy, don’t try to clear the entire depth at once; only do half at one time.


Whenever you’re removing snow, the reality is that it needs to be done frequently. The snow doesn’t seem to stop, but if you do you just make your job harder the next day. If you leave removing snow until the next day, the snow will start to stick to ground and might even freeze. This makes your job ten times harder. If you are busy in your routine work so call your local snow removing and lawn care professional.


If you’re just done with shoveling snow in the winter, invest in a snow blower. Snow blowers can take away a lot of the tedious parts of removing snow in the winter, but you’ll still need a shovel for your deck. While it’s a faster method of removing snow, it’s also a more expensive option as snow blowers can cost up to $500.


If you have a flat roof that is easily accessible, you can shovel your roof, but according to the local lawn mowing service it’s important that you don’t damage your roof covering. Also, you should always consider your own personal safety before attempting to shovel your roof.


It may be possible to remove snow and ice from a sloped roof using a roof rake, which is a long-handled tool that is specifically designed for this reason.


There are a bunch of different options you can use to eliminate a slippery driveway and even a walkway such as salt (sodium chloride), calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and urea. Learning about the potential consequences of using each form of ice melt is important because these items can end up damaging plants, damaging flooring in your house, or harm your pets.

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Before we get started, there is another excellent article in our archives on preparing your lawn and landscape for the chilly seasons. Lawn Care College Station, these tips includes practical advice such as making sure the leaves are all raked up and the need for late fall lawn service and fertilization.

Pre-Winter Lawn Mowing

The most important tip is the need to mow your lawn short for the winter, especially in the northern areas of the country. If the grass is left too long, it will lay over on itself from the pressure of the snow cover. Air circulation around the plant is reduced, and Snow Mold, a destructive early spring lawn disease, can become a problem in your lawn. It can cause large areas of grass to die, or at least weaken in vigor.

Spring green-up and grass growing may also be slow. Often the grass blades will turn brown during the winter. This is a normal response to the cold weather of winter. The grass plant will need to grow an entirely new plant, from the crown up by the best mowing you can get the maximum results, the next spring. If there is a lot of brown grass left from the previous year, it will take a long time for the old plants to fall away and allow the new plants to show through.

Other Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

There are several other late fall, early winter jobs that need attention. If you have any perennial plants that have gone dormant, cut back the brown tops. If the tops are still green, wait until they turn yellow or brown before cutting. There is still energy being transferred to the root system from the top growth. Depending upon the amount of snow cover your area receives, you may have to wait until spring to complete this yard care task.

Lawn Furniture Tips

Outdoor furniture should be covered or brought indoors. Clay pots and other outdoor statuary should be brought indoors to keep from breaking. Alternating freezing and thawing of these items could cause them to crack. If they are too large to move, cover them with a plastic tarp.

Winter Mowing Maintenance

Your College Station Flower needs attention at the end of the mowing season. Drain the gas tank or add a few drops of a stabilizing agent to the tank to keep the gas from getting ‘old’. It is also a good time to change the oil, clean the underside of the deck, sharpen the blade, and replace the spark plug and air cleaner. Be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire before attempting any repair on your mower, regardless of the time of year the maintenance or repair work is performed. Check out more tips to winterize your lawn, landscape and equipment.

Snow Clearing

If you are in an area that receives significant snow fall, many of your plants could be damaged from excess accumulation of snow on the branches. This is especially true of evergreen trees, such as Arbor Vitae. Carefully and gently, brush the snow in an upward direction off the limbs and boughs. If they become coated with ice, leave them alone. Trying to break off the ice could damage the tree or shrub, and won’t help much with your tree maintenance. The ice normally melts at a rapid pace, even if the temperatures are below freezing.

Finally, put out a bird feeder or two for our feathered friends. There are many birdseed mixes available, so choose one that will attract the varieties of birds that are most common for your area. Just remember that your Local Lawn Mowing Service experts always ready to help you.